Tatiana Bays – Owner, North Texas Piano

Tatiana Bays was born in Sevastopol, Ukraine. She graduated from the Children Music School of Arts and P.I. Tchaikovsky Music College. Mrs. Bays received her Masters Degree in Music Education in Simferopol, Ukraine.

Mrs. Bays has worked as a piano instructor for children from primary to college entries and an accompanist for Cello, Violin, Vocal and String Orchestra. She has been teaching as a private piano teacher for many years. Mrs. Bays prepares and directs her students for annual competitions and recitals, tutors individual students for regional competitions, and directs programs incorporating music, dance and vocal arrangements.

Mrs. Bays is fluent in Russian, Ukrainian, German and English. Her extensive experience as a teacher and performer of classical and popular music, added to her extensive educational background, has produced a legendary ability to bring out students’ natural musical instinct.

Students of Mrs. Bays gain a thorough foundation in all aspects of music including sight reading, theoretical understanding, ear-training, techniques of the masters, chords, composition, improvisation, and music history. But most importantly, they become musicians, feeling music from their heart.

With her extensive background in pedagogy and training by the P.I. Tchaikovsky Music College, Mrs. Bays knows how to inspire, excite and motivate students with the love of music. Mrs. Bays’ personable nature helps to create an environment of fun and enthusiasm.

“You are never too old” is proven by Mrs. Bays’ enthusiastic embrace of adult students of all ages, levels and abilities. With adults she uses her own method, which covers a thorough look at all aspects of piano study in a fun and well-paced progression.

Mrs. Bays’ piano intensive study programs give students many opportunities to develop and perform. Students of all ages develop not only the love of music but the thrill and enthusiasm of learning to play piano and be a good performer.


Tatiana Bays – Schultz (Grayson College Piano Department Fall Recital 2015)

Kayla Davis & Tatiana Bays – Handel Concerto in Bb Major (Grayson College Piano Department Spring Recital 2015)

Stephaney Zhou and Tatiana Bays – Chaminade Andante:2 (Grayson College Piano Department Spring Recital 2015)

Tatiana Bays - North Texas Piano - Pottsboro Texas

Tatiana Bays - North Texas Piano - Pottsboro Texas

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